Praxis Day 3 – PRA and Together Tools

Ok, am exhausted so today’s update is mainly just visual…

After a fun round of re-introductions via terrible drawings…


… we played with lots of tools today – problem trees, circle diagrams, matrix scoring, social maps, mobility maps, before-and-after and seasononal diaires…

… and my personal favourite – a bodymap outlining good and bad aspects of a facilitator – looks like the new Batman baddie… the Facipulator..?


Mostly these were taken from a book produced, ironically, 10 miles from my house and which I have never heard, how on earth!?


I felt it necessary to add a wall-chart of the Ladder of Participation – really it should be engraved on the wall permanently, maybe I’ll offer…


Oh and just to personalise things… Here is a small selection of us… A more comprehensive group photo will follow later I am sure (with me in it grimacing painfully|)


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