Global ICT4D Meets & Networking Opportunities

During my travels around the world I noticed a surprising lack of organised opportunities to meet other ICT4D or ‘tech for social good’ practitioners and researchers.

I thought it might help others if I collate those groups that I am aware of in one place, and hopefully this can evolve to become a more definitive list.

ICT4D Meets, Meetups and Networking Opportunities

United Kingdom

  • London ICT4D Meetup
    Vibrant and well-attended monthly meetup – alternates between facilitated sessions with speakers, and general networking in a central London bar.
  • Digital Charities
    Group of people working in UK charities with digital technologies – not just International Development charities but lots of overlap.  Monthly meets.
  • Tech for Good meetup
    Bringing together both domestic and international ‘social tech’ types regularly in London

Republic of Ireland

  • Nairobi ICT4D Group
    Relatively new group seeking to bring together the vibrant tech and NGO communities in Nairobi.


United States of America

Global Meets

  • ICT4Drinks
    Informal meetup for ICT4D professionals, with regular drinks meets in Washington DC, and occasional meets in New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Manila and London.
  • Technology Salon
    Invite-only events with extremely interesting small groups of attendees – take place regularly in Accra, Amman, Bangkok, Brooklyn, Denver, Helsinki, London, Lusaka, Nairobi, New York, San Francisco, Toronto and Washington DC.
  • Communication 4 Development Network
    Regular meets of the C4D network, seems to move around Europe each time but (I think) with options for remote attendance!

Conferences relevant to ICT4D

  • ICTD Conference
    Primarily academic ICTD conference (some practitioners) held every 18 months or so.  The 2017 conference will be in Pakistan in November.
  • ICT4D Conference
    The other big annual conference for the sector – typically more practitioner, NGO and private-sector focused (with some academia).  In 2017 it will be held in India in May.
  • IDIA Conference (International Development Informatics Association)
    October 2017 in Romania…
  • Participatory Design Conference
    Broader than just development but of significant interest to anyone developing technology for or with local communities.  Bi-annual, next is 2018 in Belgium.
  • TICTeC
    Annual conference from mySociety exploring the impacts of civic technology – 2017 sees it in Italy in April.
  • WSIS Forum
    World Summit on the Information Society forum organised by the major multi-lateral donors.  In 2017 it will focus on the SDGs, in Switzerland in June.

(fuller conference list at

Please contact me using the form below if there are other ICT4D groups, meets or networking opportunities you are aware of, and I will include them in this list: