Jobsearch and CV Advice

“The Fuse Journey”

A few years back, I set up an employment consultancy / job coaching partnership which later evolved into an online jobsite – Fuse Jobs. One of the great features of the site was the range of advice articles written by myself, my business partner (Amanda Lacey) and contributed by other industry experts. I have always felt it was a shame that this content vanished when we closed down the jobsite.

So I finally found my offline versions of these articles, and decided to re-purpose some of the best ones and put them back in the public domain where, I hope, the advice they contain will be as useful for readers of my site as it was for the people we used to career coach in the past.

These articles were written with “entry-level jobseekers” firmly in mind (school leavers, long-term unemployed etc.) so they may cover things that people with longer employment histories think is obvious, but I think there is some really good advice in there for everyone, just skim through the bits that seem obvious and hopefully you’ll find a gem in the next section.

The two CV-advice articles have been edited slightly to make sense out of the context of the Fuse Jobs website, but otherwise remain pretty much as they were. I may add to this with other stages of what we termed ‘The Fuse Journey’ in the future.

Good luck with your job-hunting!