Jobs in ICT4D/Development

It took me some time to track down a small number of sources of ICT4D jobs or careers advice, and I soon realised that many “technology in development” jobs are simply not advertised as ICT4D or ICTD but are simply advertised through more mainstream development jobs websites.  Of course it is true that most of the best jobs never get as far as being advertised, so good networking in person, and on sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and DevEx are of course vital.  But as well as that… below are some lists of websites that may be helpful.  If you are looking for more generic jobs/career advice, I have re-published some advice pages from a startup jobsite I ran for a number of years (Fuse Jobs) which I believe are extremely helpful – especially for those of us (all of us?) who just HATE writing CVs…


International Development Jobs

Many of these broader jobsites below carry ICT4D jobs but they can be find to hard.  As well as searching for the term ICT4D, think about searching for terms others might use for these types of job – I have found the following words/phrases useful at times: ICTD, ICT, digital, web, website, online although on some sites this produces a lot of mainstream non-development results.  Also broader terms like technical or technology can sometimes be helpful but often bring a huge number of jobs relating to solar power, sanitation and so on, rather than ICT4D.

  • Bond jobs in International Development
  • Guardian International Development jobs (but be careful as the Guardian puts this as a sub-section of Environment, so there are relevant jobs in other sections too)
  • Charity Jobs jobs in ‘Int’l Development’
  • Idealist – one of my favourites, especially for volunteering roles, but for paid work too – can be hard to search through/navigate sometimes though
  • Escape the City – interesting collection of alternative jobs, not all development-related
  • DevEx Jobs (worth setting up a full profile on here too!)
  • ELDIS Jobs – aggregated/scraped from a variety of sources
  • UN Careers – official website for most UN Jobs
  • UN Jobs – unofficial website, seems to have different selection from the above
  • DevNet Jobs – development jobs and consulting opportunities
  • – does what it says on the tin…
  • – seems to include consultancy and networking aswell as job adverts
  • Third Sector – jobs in International Development
  • The Economist – economics-focused jobs in Development
  • World Service Enquiry  – jobs and list of useful links and other sites
  • Microfinance Gateway – specific jobs working in Micro Finance
  • InDevJobs – development jobs portal
  • Human Rights Jobs –  jobs with Human Rights organisations and projects
  • Relief Web – relief jobs internationally
  • AidJobs – another ID jobiste