ICT4D Resources

Over the years I have been working in the ICTs for Development (ICT4D) sector, I have gathered together various useful events, websites, lists etc.

Some of the more useful I share here, I hope these are useful for others in, or looking to work in, the ICT4D space:

  • Jobs in ICT4D
    A few ICT4D specific jobsites and mailing lists, and a lot of broader Development sites that sometimes carry relevant ICT roles.
  • Useful Websites
    A hotch-potch list of interesting and useful ICT4D sites, blogs and other resources.
  • ICT4D Meets/Networks
    The beginnings of me trying to bring together all the relevant face-to-face networking and learning opportunities in the world focused on ICT4D or technology for social change.  Oh and a few conferences thrown in too.
  • ICT4D Jargon Buster
    Wondering what all these techie terms and acronyms mean..?  This may help.