A guide to Connectivity & Hybrid/Offline Solutions

Increasingly governments, companies and even NGOs are putting online all the things that people need to meaningfully participate in the world they live in.  However, many don’t have the connectivity, access, skills etc. required to take advantage of these resources.

So for those of us working with communities or individuals who are unconnected, two questions are critical:

  • What can be done to help online those people who are not yet served by mainstream connectivity (i.e. those outside of broadband/mobile data areas)?
  • What more needs to be done beyond simply providing connectivity and access?

This guide is an attempt to collate some of the key resources that may be of use to anyone working on these areas.

An introduction to connectivity in the 21st century

Tools and systems for hybrid or alternative connectivity solutions:

Resources related to “beyond access” . . . what else needs to be considered?

This is a bare-bones list drawn from personal contacts and recommendations from the Bond T4D event in September 2017.

PLEASE submit details below for any other resources you know of that you think others might find helpful.

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