Praxis Days 4-5 : Participatory M&E and Advocacy… Sort of…

Ok so things have got a bit less structured and more disorganised… But a few interesting take-aways still worth highlighting below…

A great visual recap of day 3 (day 5’s recap of day 4 was very interactive and was impossible to capture on film!):


Some fun and very weird games to kick-off the days…


An interesting discussion about what makes good participatory conditions for collective action:

And some more serious thinking on what is required for collective action and for advocacy at scale:

I have always hated the idea of SMART objectives, so it was refreshing to see an alternative suggestion for creating indicators:


And finally, a cultural evening and a fun evening out in Khan Market.  I don’t think it takes a genius to guess my favourite!

Tomorrow… Day 1 of 2 days fieldwork in Delhi slums.  With virtually no information on what we are doing or who we are meeting… So about 1% of the required preparation done…  And 5 hours traffic jams to look forward to…  Watch this space! 🙂

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