Back in Kenya 2020/21

So, it’s kinda embarrassing that my last blog entry in 2018 was about my research into the Kenyan social-tech scene… and the next one is also about being back in Kenya… I mean, stuff DOES happen in between my trips here, I swear! 🙂

Since publishing that report, I spent two years working in ‘Insights & Impact’ at the Digital Impact Alliance (part of the United Nations Foundation) which involved a lot of trips to DC as well as a couple to Tanzania and Sri Lanka; then more recently joined On Our Radar as their first Director of Digital Development which involved a lot of trips to… well, nowere unfortunately – as it pretty much coincided with the start of Coronavirus lockdowns in the UK…!

Which brings me to Kenya… for once not for any specific work reason, more to escape the grim cold wet winter in London and spend some time somewhere that, despite all the initial fears, seems to be doing much better than Europe Covid-wise! So this trip is less about Nairobi and more about the gorgeous Indian Ocean coast.

Diani Beach, Kenya

I’ll be in Kenya until the start of March – mostly in Diani Beach near Mombasa, but will be in Nairobi at some point in February too.

And while I am here, I hope to take advantage of proximity to so many amazing social-digital people and visit some cool projects, meet new faces for some interesting conversations, catch-up with old faces and, of course, explore potential opportunities for collaboration with On Our Radar.

Drop me a line, be great to have a coffee / beer / Stoney and catch-up! 🙂

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