ICT4D Meetups… Where are they all?

During my sabbatical, every place I went to I would try to find out who the local ICT4D or social-tech players were and, where possible, try to attend meetups or similar opportunities to meet them and share stories.

I was surprised at how few there were (or perhaps just at how difficult they are to find – they might well exist).

I know of and regularly attend the ICT4D Meetups in the UK, I have been to one in Washington DC and heard about ones in New York and San Francisco, but some of the other tech hotspots I was in… Nothing…

Bangalore, India? Nothing I could find.

Manila, Phillipines? No.

Brazil?  Not a thing.

Nairobi, Kenya.  Lots of interest (I actually kickstarted a new meetup group while I was living there), but outside of the iHub, nothing organised.

So… I thought it might be a good idea to at least track those that do exist and – hopefully – somebody reading this blog will let me know about others in other countries that I am unware of.

So I have added a ICT4D Meets page to this site – at the moment it is relatively sparsely populated, but hopefully still useful to some.

Please let me know of others, I can’t believe this is it! 🙂

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