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Great tips on avoiding some of the pitfalls of partiicpatory approaches, especially the point on terminology betraying an underlying assumption of how people will engage!

adele waugaman

I have the pleasure and honor of joining the board of Technology Salon, which many in the ICT4D community know as a regular in-person convening of professionals interested in the use of technology and to strengthen global development.

The Salons, which started in Washington, D.C. and were first hosted by the United Nations Foundation through its Vodafone partnership that I managed, now meet in a growing number of cities across the United States and around the world. For example, last week, within a 24-hour period, Salons met in Nairobi, D.C., and New York City.

I joined the conversation in D.C., which looked at how technology can strengthen citizens’ voices to inform and improve governance processes.  The discussion covered a broad range of topics, from participatory budgeting projects led by governments and multilateral organizations, to participatory mapping projects led by start-ups and civil society groups.

Here are ten takeaways from…

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