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Why blog..?

Ok, so I accept all the theoretical reasons why we should all be blogging about things all the time…


To be honest…

If I am going to commit my thoughts to (digital) paper, I want to be extremely sure they are well thought-through ideas, not just something that has occured to me on the spur of the moment and might come back to haunt me a few months down the line when my thinking has evolved into something more robust!

At least that is now my justification for why you may notice this blog has one or two posts in rapid succession… then a huge gap for months at a time…  It’s definitely NOT just that I really hate blogging… Or that I am too lazy (sorry busy) to devote my spare-time to sharing my, admittedly fascinating, thoughts on development, politics, the state of the world, or simply my frustration with the weather, or whatever else is on my mind at the time, with hordes (ok… extremely small numbers) of strangers… Honest! 🙂

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