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Brighton-based ICT4Ders?

Brighton Pier
Brighton Pier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I have just started working with a great bunch of Agile ICT4Ders in Brighton ( and, Brighton being the kind of trendy, hippy, geeky place it is… It seems there must be a ton more ICT4D people down here – or if not ICT4D then either ICT or D or at least an interest in some kind of technology and social issues overlap…

So – getting them all together – in a pub naturally – seems the obvious next step.
A bit of networking, a glass of wine, beer, water, herbal tea…  And then see if we can all do something cool together,

Interested?  Know anyone near Brighton?  Please come along, or just promote it if you know people who might enjoy it.

April 18th

See you there!