So while I appreciate that, being English, it is the height of tackiness to sing one’s own praises… Sometimes other people’s comments are a far better way of getting across a person’s strengths and achievements than anything they could write themselves…  To that end, below are just a few short extracts from references or testimonials from previous employers and colleagues (more on my LinkedIn Recommendations page):

“Matt is highly knowledgable about ICT4D and is a focussed and methodical researcher and consultant. He is also great fun to work with and very good at understanding organisations, people and communities. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”, George Flatters, Independent M&E Consultant (2016)

“I worked with Matt on a demanding World Bank project that involved fieldwork in four countries and intensive policy-oriented conceptual thinking . He was able to create and manage a fantastic interdisciplinary team and supported everyone with grace, humour and effectiveness. I learned a lot from him. His one of those people that you would want to work with again and again.”, Dr Evangelia Berdou, Institute of Development Studies (2015)

“Matt has been indispensable over the past two years. He manages to combine irreverence and highly consistent professionalism in a way which is a pleasure to be around. I have seen him manage high-stakes projects during the day, and then prove that he knows almost everyone in our sector in the pub after a conference. Don’t let his cynical humor fool you – he is not only competent, he is passionate and has a big heart. I recommend working with him if you get the chance.”, Nate Whitestone, Principal Consultant, Genius Engine (2015)

“Matt brought a wealth of knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm to his work with Computer Aid as a business development consultant. His analysis and work contributed greatly to developing our current business model.”, Keith Sonnett, CEO, Computer Aid (2015)

“I worked with Matt on a World Bank project. I came in late on the project but Matt made me feel really welcome and part of the team very quickly. He was an excellent project manager, constantly keeping everyone on track but in a friendly, encouraging way. He was thorough, consistent and patient but delivered right through to the end. His project management and people skills are excellent. I really enjoyed working with Matt and the team and would love to again.”, Dr Savita Bailur, Caribou Digital

“Matt quickly established himself as a strategic leader within the team. He is equally at home in developing high level strategies as he is with implementing them.”, Diana Robertson, Marketing Director, Serco (2010)

“Matt is a driven and motivating trustee who brings clear direction and delivery expertise and experience into the organisation.”, Anthony Harmer, Chief Executive, ELATT (2009)

“Matt was one of the key drivers of the Cisco Networking Academy Program globally within Cisco, and a thought leader with impact far beyond the IT solutions for this.”, David Chalmers, Senior IT Manager, Cisco Systems (2005)

“Matt is a very strategic individual with an ability to paint and work towards a bigger picture while taking care of the day-to-day at the same time”, Heather Cole, Head of E-Learning, Cisco Systems (2001)