About Matt Haikin

ICT for Development (ICT4D) practitioner, researcher, consultant

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Following 15 years working with ICTs as a tool for social impact in the UK, I completed a Masters’ degree in ICTs for Development and, since 2012, have been applying this knowledge base to the international development (ICT4D) sector.  I combine a strategic outlook  and practical application with direct technical expertise, enabling me to support organisations in understanding how best to apply ICT to development problems to improve the impact and effectiveness of their work.

I have worked as a practitioner, researcher, evaluator and consultant for large and small, public, private and voluntary/civil society sector organisations, and as a social entrepreneur.  I have developed a particular niche in the exploration of digital citizen engagement (using ICTs to enable people to participate meaningfully in the political sphere) and participatory design (engaging people directly in the creation of the technology they use and that affects them).

I have a breadth of skills relating to the application of technology to social programmes, with a background in direct technical expertise (programming and web development), broadening out to project, business and NGO management, research and evaluation, digital and social marketing, fundraising and strategic or governance consultancy.

How might I help your organisation?

  • Help you make sense of the impact and opportunities for your work in concepts such as mobile Money, eduTech, m-Agri, m-Health, big / open / responsible data, data viz, GIS mapping, participatory video, the Internet of Things etc.
  • Advise on strategies you can use to take advantage of ICTs / ICT4D and other emerging technologies to improve your work and impact
  • Facilitate workshops with your staff, stakeholders or end-users to understand real program and technology needs and scope appropriate solutions
  • Provide technical and business analysis to help you define technology to support / improve your programmes and critically assess the most suitable technology options
  • Co-design technology solutions with you, your stakeholders and your target-users
  • Manage the development and delivery of ICT elements of your programmes in an iterative and incremental way to ensure responsiveness to real user needs and changing circumstances
  • Gather feedback from real users to steer the direction of your technology development or evaluate the technology in your programmes
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your use of technology and its impact and effectiveness in your work
  • Undertake primary or landscape research into how ICTs are being used in your niche
  • Support your marketing and business development activity – directly, through engaging you with appropriate online tools, and by connecting you with my global network of ICT4D leaders
  • Build communities of learning or practice on and offline to embed you within the wider sector of those using technology for public good

To discuss how I can help, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

For more on my skills and background, download my full CV or read my published research.